Collage, pastiche, imitation. The age-old debate of originality brought to life. We see it everywhere; we hear it everywhere. Is a remix a form of collage? If so, a collage is a form of remix. Taking something established and most likely appreciated, then turning on its head in order to gain the same, or perhaps an entirely different appreciation.


The Saatchi seems to condone it in their recent ‘Selfie Saatchi’ competition, with some people recreating the works of old masters, but adding their faces into the works. Of course, a twist of irony is always added to these recreations, be it  an obvious nose ring, or some dark routes bursting through peroxide hair.


But no one parody’s the preciousness of art so much as Jim Kempner, where he places himself within art, and more often than not manages to undermine the artist through a funny expression or an odd stance. Jim Kempner really does capture ‘The Madness of Art’.


So with Kempner’s impeccably placed irony in mind, this is the start of Helicon’s own collages, where we will be sat amongst our most favoured, fascinating and freaky artists.


And who other than the birthday girl Molly to get the ball rolling.

Tacky or genius?

Tatty Martin