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Rosie Smith

Rosie Smith is a Bristol based photography student with a self professed love of all things Tacky and kitsch. In her own words:


'Soulm8s' is a zine I created about weird objects given to me by some weird exes (some weirder than others, some were actually alright). Break-ups are often very sad times and it is easy to look back on past relationships with regret and embarrassment, but I wanted to celebrate my failures and my weird ex-lovers. "Laugh at yourself for thinking that when you were 16 you were in love with the boy who wrote you Pokemon-related poetry on your Facebook wall. Laugh at yourself for dating a boy who gave you his grandmother's engagement ring after knowing you for two weeks. If you can't then who can?"

Here are some of our favourites in all their pastel glory....

All images Rosie Smith

Insta: @rosiesmiffy

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