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PREview: How to beat up your dad

Caitlin Thomson

How To Beat Up Your Dad is the anticipated debut play from Caravan Guys, already selling out shows in Manchester, York and London. 


A tantalising blend of live music, spoken word and movement, this dark comedy addresses masculinity in a uniquely humorous and emotional manner as it traces the protagonist Amon’s journey into manhood.  The York Mix writes: “It’s fashionable to talk of ‘toxic’ masculinity...but the Caravan Guys’ savagely brilliant satire was a more honest, if brutal exploration of a certain brand of maleness.”


Albert Haddenham and Theo Mason Wood make up Caravan Guys, a young theatre company from the North East of England. Previously members of the band Sprang Sisters, Albert and Theo incorporate their musicality into the production with live drums and synth to create a thoroughly immersive experience. The script examines men’s all-too-common defences against emasculation: sexism and homophobia; alongside their habitual, socialised rejection of sadness and vulnerability in favour of aggression and rage. 


Caravan Guys say:  ‘We blur the lines between fiction and reality: the story tells one narrative, of masculinity and how trauma is inherited and shared, how victims become perpetrators. As we shift between characters and ourselves we tell another, deeper and darker narrative about us as men; our competitiveness, our need to dominate, to show off, to win the play. Our work is raucous and violent. It is completely free form. We drag the audience through styles, times, places and people to show all the insidious ways masculinity gets its claws in.’


How To Beat Up Your Dad plays at the The Alma Theatre and Tavern tonight and tomorrow (11th and 12th Feb), get in there early before this explosive production makes waves at Edinburgh Fringe. 


Event and ticket link below:


Photographer: Summer Dean 

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