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Cecilia Hviding


On the conflict and codependence in nature.

Watching Bjøg work with the horses

Hannah Green


A meditation on movement, power, and femininity in rural summer fields.


Lydia Aldridge


Lydia Aldridge details of a long journey back, to a place undefined, through salt-water and peat; a journey home.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Cunningham


Minnie Cunningham brings us this subtly personal piece, that expresses the distance of time, place and age kept together through ‘Minnie Mouse envelopes’; the race to catch up with someone so far ahead.


Caitlin Thomson


I dream of a world...

Can You See?

Abi Reeves


Here we stand overlooking Eden

Where trees burn before our eyes...

Two out of Two

Ellen Crofton

Two girls possibly two women,

two beers two white wines two nights...

White Noise

Ellen Crofton


And there's a white wall,

And I stare at the noise...

The Big Bad

Stewart Dickson


À la Angela Carter, Stewart Dickson's visceral twist on the classic fairy tale tells the story of a fight for survival.

Whoever Brought Me Here Will Have To Take Me Home

Hanna Hamida Hughes


A strangely prophetic poem inspired by Coleman Barks’ translations of Rumi; captivated by the mysticism, and finished in one feverish sitting.

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