Ode to the Cafe of Love

Lydia pens a love poem to an old love - her favourite cafe, showing that solace can be found in the most banal of places. 



The final instalment of 2020's 'Between the Lines' collection. Lydia Aldridge analyses Hannah Green's topographical poem 'The Marches.' 

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Justin Tabbett 's poem ‘2020 Evening’ gives us a witty and reflective account on the chaos of this year.  


Disquieting Christmas

Luke Dedominicis's touching poem 'Disquieting Christmas' provides us with a landscape that is at once both meditative and haunting.  

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Witty, honest and touching,

Minnie Cunningham

's poem 'Moon' reveals an unheard voice.

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Holding Yourself Softly - Suzie Beckley

With sensitive and striking imagery, Suzie Beckley's poem 'Holding yourself softly: a retreat from chaos' presents the calm beyond chaos. 

Between the Lines: Concert in Utero

Eloisa Griffiths and Caitlin Thomson

As part of our Between the Lines series, Caitlin Thomson analyses Eloisa Griffiths' touching poem 

Between the Lines: paper and wood

Justin Tabbett and Ellie Rowe

Ellie Rowe's astute and nuanced analysis of Justin Tabbett's rich and moving poem ... 

Between the Lines: Can I Tell You Something?

Ellie Rowe and Justin Tabbett

Justin Tabbett gives us a sensitive reading of Ellie Rowe's poem, which is at once deeply personal and instantly familiar ... 

Black Magic Woman

Caitlin Thomson

With the power of the cosmos flowing through each line, Caitlin introduces us to her powerful black magic woman who is familiar yet Delphic all at once.

Between the Lines: Boxing Hares

Lydia Aldridge and Hannah Green

Hannah Green considers objects and memory in Lydia Aldridge's subtle and controlled poem in the second installment of our 'Between the Lines' series ...

Between the Lines: Sunset at Avon Gorge

Caitlin Thomson and Eloisa Griffiths

Eloisa Griffiths repsonds to Caitlin Thomson's poignant and evocative poem... 

For Quinn

Sarah Dalton

The second of Sarah Dalton's meditations on grief remembers and remaps loss: 

"Sometimes, I still dream of you.

Of the night I crawled beneath your cosmos"

Only Lines

Ellen Crofton

In 'Only Lines,' Ellen Crofton meditates on the topography of thought, stars, and the human condition.


Amelia Elsyon

In this untitled piece Amelia Elyson longs to break through the stagnant, waiting as each night unravels her further and further away from her isolated orbit.

Something Matters

Abi Reeves

In boundless free-verse Abi Reeves catalyses the never-ending cycle of the cosmos, seeing it all through starry eyes.

A Passing Meteor

Holly Loach

"A transcendence of personal experience, of processing and recovering from trauma, into the moving trajectory of time and space."

The Orange House

Serafina Lee

A hot-house of movement through stasis, Serafina's 'The Orange House' evokes the humid air of a place elsewhere. 

Inside, Inside of My Brain

Suzie Beckley

#3 In our Lockdown series. Suzie vividly delineates her growing displacement with the exterior as her existence gradually becomes interior, inside, inside of her brain.

The World's Last Night

Sarah Dalton

A poignant, elegiac imagining of grief at the end of time.

Deer Through Trees

Hannah Green

#2 in our free-writing series. Hannah finds a stillness between all of nature's colour, a stillness she shares with the deer.

Eyes Unpeeled

Ellen Crofton

The first in our lockdown journal entitled 'Freedom in Isolation' where we collate the free-writing of different contributors centred around their lockdown experience. Ellen journeys from day to night, finding solace in the solitary moon.

Twenty-two Moons

Eloisa Griffiths

In vivid free verse, Eloisa Griffiths explores the love between two sisters, cosmically intertwined.

Beautiful Vulnerabilities

Caitlin Thomson

two people lean toward each other

like lions circling 

tense hands reach

for hesitant fingertips 


'This is no Eden'

Marcus Smith

Marcus Smith ponders Eden, environmentalism and Thomas Hardy ...

Found in Translation: Jacques Brel

Elsa Kenningham


A playful, image-rich translation of two of the Belgian singer's classics.

CIty in Bloom

Joe Watt


A dive into technicolour, exploring hues in a fertile city, inviting us out to play.


Cecilia Hviding


On the conflict and codependence in nature.

Watching Bjøg work with the horses

Hannah Green


A meditation on movement and power in rural summer fields.


Lydia Aldridge


Lydia Aldridge details of a long journey back, to a place undefined, through salt-water and peat; a journey home.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Cunningham


Minnie Cunningham brings us this subtly personal piece, that expresses the distance of time, place and age kept together through ‘Minnie Mouse envelopes’; the race to catch up with someone so far ahead.


Caitlin Thomson


I dream of a world...

Can You See?

Abi Reeves


Here we stand overlooking Eden

Where trees burn before our eyes...

Two out of Two

Ellen Crofton

Two girls possibly two women,

two beers two white wines two nights...

White Noise

Ellen Crofton


And there's a white wall,

And I stare at the noise...

The Big Bad

Stewart Dickson


À la Angela Carter, Stewart Dickson's visceral twist on the classic fairy tale tells the story of a fight for survival.

Whoever Brought Me Here Will Have To Take Me Home

Hanna Hamida Hughes


A strangely prophetic poem inspired by Coleman Barks’ translations of Rumi; captivated by the mysticism, and finished in one feverish sitting.

"[in] I puzzle how my name sounds, In your mouth, And wet in your lungs, Weightless, [out] measured, Like the clean-cut curve, Of a question mark, Bursting cider bubble vowels, In empty torchlight [in]"...

The fourth instalment of 'Between the Lines' features Mathilde Hirth's exploration of Henry Richmond's poem 'Dog'...

"Think of a summer that lasted forever, Immortalised now in heyday songs of the 80s.Coyote girls,We were his favoured disciples."...

"Soft is a word too small to describe you, Instead metallic taste like pennies or blood. Face stretched in a smile as you appear around the kitchen door, Lights up freckles and lines from the sun..."

Ode to Federico Lorca

By Hanna Hamida Hughes

"At the bottom of the well, I found your heart, In a box of tarnished silver, With a rusted lock"...

"You are radishes, In the spring, A blossom pink blushing buttermilk, A flotilla of, Muslin crumpled up and warmed in the sun, A breath a breeze, Sugared almonds on the tongue"

"We are gathered here tonight, on ivory floors, in the o-shaped hum of holy light

The bass is syrupy and dark, waking, stark grotesques on every wall"

"Both in this glass sphere, shardless.Unlike you, you won’t leave us this time. You, the wingless metamorphosising angel."

"You talk about the dark place you’ve been, Even as you laugh, And I don’t know how to say it but I want to, Touch you, hold you there, Kiss whatever ghosts of tears are left and set them free, Like moths to the moonlight.". 3 beautifully tender and intimate poems by Hannah Green...

"Marcus, We covered the screen, With the picture you drew, of you, Woody and Buzz, To hide the ridges that, Spiked every time you laughed"

"from beyond the river on the dreamscape riverbank -the fogged river- the watery river allusion". A collection of 8 poems by Euan Dawtrey...

Lydia Aldridge explores the technique of free-writing in Patti Smith's 'Devotion' 

"In the end I sleep with men who are not you,

And soon I won’t see your eyes in their faces.

I don’t get lonely ever now we’re through"

"You liked the winter. The rain slating my face and hair, The ice that dragged my mind down cleared yours"

"We saw a black and white film in the summer

‘What Peaches, What Penumbras’.

I ate sticky sweaty sweets

From an awkward sounding bag-

Crunching like glass shards against Doc Martins-

Your Doc Martins-"

"But I only feel the isolation of feeling like a useless weight on your shoulders. You tried to shake me off, but I clung like poison ivy to your lungs"