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oslo twins:

                  an interview 

Caitlin Thomson 


How did the band form?

There were just two of us at first. We met in a seminar and talked about the music we’d made individually, which didn’t feel quite finished. Our skills were really complimentary, so we spent some months collaborating on our tracks and writing new material. Then we went looking for instrumentalists to join us, and now the five of us have been focusing on how to translate the digital tracks into live performances. It’s exciting to see our music evolve.

How did you come up with the name Oslo Twins?

Our name came to us in a dream. Seriously - Claudia’s mum dreamed that we were really successful and that we were called Oslo Twins. We thought the name suited us pretty well, especially since our style is a bit Scandinavian-influenced. Let’s hope it was a prophecy.

How is it balancing music and university?

Three of us do Philosophy, one Maths and one English. So it could be worse! To be honest, most of us came to uni with starting a band in mind, even if it does affect our degrees.

What is the creative process like when you make music?

So far we’ve almost always written the music first, then added lyrics once we’ve established a sound. Eric often writes the tracks in his room and then Claudia adds vocals and lyrics to it. It is an individual process at the beginning although the sound often develops during rehearsal.

Who are the biggest influences for you as a band?

Genre-wise, we call ourselves dream pop. We have an electronic sound, but it’s often soft and psychedelic. Our inspirations include Beach House, Portishead and Susanne Sundfor.

How have you found the music scene in Bristol?

The creative scene in Bristol feels very tight-knit and welcoming for a big city. It’s easier to be a small upcoming band here than it would be in London, for sure. It’s also good to have the university as a platform.

Who’s your dream artist to collaborate with or open a show for?
We don’t normally like to fantasise. But in our dreams... Tame Impala!

What does the future hold for Oslo Twins?

There’s still a lot of new music brewing. We’d like to keep gigging in Bristol, and possibly dip our toes in the London scene too.

Get tickets to see Oslo Twins at our EDEN launch here:

Check out Oslo Twins here:

Photographs courtesy of @photofjd on instagram.

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