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Minnie Cunningham

The moon is a two timing two faced bitch

Who is too weak to admit

That they’ve been seeing other people.

The ultimate slut


Doesn’t call anyone back

And spends half their time thinking about

Who is waiting for them on

The other side 

In a different place.

The moon is always in the right room at the right time

But feels as if they are on the wrong side of the wall.

What the moon has for ears - little craters - are pressed up against

The sky, wishing to hear something or someone in the midst of betraying them

So they can finally have a reason to give up this dance

And slide down the wall

And go to sleep at a time that they haven’t decided or scheduled

With everyone else.

The moon is fed up of being the signal which tells everyone

It is their time to rest

The moon wants it to be their turn my turn my hand is up can’t you see me at the back

The moon is so tired of watching everybody have nightmares

And not be able to help

The moon is fed up with leaving when the going gets good, 

When the big light turns on.

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