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An Interview

Reece jordan -

How would you describe your music?

I would say most of the music I play stems from a sense of groove - anything that gets hips swayin and induces a skank face is good enough for me.


What is your earliest musical memory?

My parents would always play 80s disco, motown and ska, and that must have rubbed off on my music taste. Like most people, I feel like I came out of the womb knowing Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder tunes.


How did you first get into DJing?

My eldest brother came home from Manchester uni and started playing Moodymann; it seemed like a perfect blend of house, jazz and funk. From then on I was hooked - I started to watch Boiler Room sets on Youtube, and eventually me and my best mate bought some controllers and started to play local parties.


What is the most memorable set you’ve played?

Probably me and Ed (Shim) playing Love Inn for the ‘Disco Afrique’ event. It was the first time playing a club, and that alone felt quite special.


What music are you into right now?

So much good music is out at the moment, I feel privileged to be living in an era so rich with diversity. The London jazz scene is by far the best in the world; Jai Paul’s comeback feels quite special; D’Angelo is still, in my eyes, the best living musician. In terms of the club scene, Dan Shake has produced some brilliant tracks.


Best night you’ve been to?

So many to choose from! Hunee at Lakota was one of the best since coming to uni, the way he can seamlessly move from disco crate diggers to techno is crazy - it’s something I really want to perfect in my own sets.


What can we expect from your set tonight?

All sorts, it just depends on the vibe of the night!

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