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Halloween Horror Film Countdown

Ben Driscoll


Love Halloween, but hate horror movies? It's understandable...

Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie or My Scientology Mistake?

Rachel Clarke


Louis Theroux's latest documentary on the Church of Scientology is not the expose you may be expecting...

A Room with a Queue: unravelling the unrivalled popularity of the famously bad cult movie, The Room

Faith Newcombe


From its un-humble origins as an inexplicably-wealthy-French-businessman-funded vanity project, played only in a select few San Francisco cinemas...

Aaaaaah! I'm The Lobster!

Josie Finlay


Two of 2015’s freshest independent cinema offerings reveal the animals within us...

Anton's Shorts: An Illustrated Review

Josie Finlay


An Illustrated review of Anton's Shorts at The Alma Tavern.

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