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By Tasha Nuthall

The founder of Brave Mirror Productions talks about his adaptation of Antigone, a virtual take on Sophocles' Greek tragedy. 

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'the starving artist': being ahead of your time

By Anna Lambert


An exploration into the cult of recognition - what does it mean to be 'ahead of your time'? 

By Tasha Nuthall

With his funky shirts and eloquent turn of phrase, John Berger forged a new perspective on visual art.  



By Tasha Nuthall

A retrospective on Lotte Reiniger's stop-motion masterpiece 'Aschenputtel' (1922), an oft-forgotten retelling of the fairy tale 'Cinderella'.  

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Billie Whitelaw: Beckett's Muse

By Tasha Nuthall

Tasha Nuthall reflects upon the theatrical presence of Billie Whitelaw, an acclaimed actress best known for her influential work with Irish playwright Samuel Beckett. 


By Flora Pick

Flora Pick reviews 'ASSEMBLY' at Arnolfini, a music-driven video installation work which tackles issues of communication and understanding by questioning how to continue preserving democracies for future generations. 

LIVE REVIEW: How To Beat Up Your Dad

Henry Richmond

On a quiet Wednesday evening on a small stage at the Alma Theatre, Theo Mason-Wood and Albert Haddenham – two halves of Caravan Guys – quite literally pissed all over gender normativity...

PREVIEW: How To Beat Up Your Dad

Caitlin Thomson

Caitlin Thomson writes of this dark comedy's intelligent take on masculinity, anticipating the Bristol showing of 'How To Beat Up Your Dad' tonight and tomorrow.

Helicon Eats: Backyard Chicken

Cameron Henderson

Cameron Henderson weighs up the pros and cons of chicken based dining in the first of a new series... 

LIVE REVIEW: Hedda Gabler @ The Isand

Tasha Nuthall

Bristol Dramsoc’s production of Henrik Ibsen’s transformative drama Hedda Gabler sees the tragic titular character brought to life in an alluring and palpable fashion.

LIVE REVIEW: Spring Awakening @ Pegg Theatre

Jemima Stafford


This adaptation of Wedekind’s dark fable concerning the lives of a group of school friends in the liminal phase between childhood and adolescence is given a modern-day twist. 

LIVE REVIEW: The Tempest @ The Island

Tasha Nuthall


A marvellous display of musicality and wonderment...

LIVE REVIEW: The Edge @ Colston Hall

Serafina Lee


A highly immersive piece of promenade theatre created by over 100 young people from the Creative Youth Network, in partnership with RISE Youth Dance and Pocket Sessions Choir, The Edge is ambitiously innovative...

LIVE REVIEW: That Which Feeds Me @ The Winston Theatre

Tasha Nuthall


'That Which Feeds Me' is not a historical drama. Nor does it try to be. Instead, it is a spectacular hour-long depiction of one of the coolest and anti-establishment writers of the Elizabethan era...

In conversation with Emily Bull: What constitutes entertainment?

Serafina Lee


‘The Edge’ is the Creative Youth Network’s upcoming production at Colston hall, dealing with the consequences of ‘the fame machine’ and our excessive consumption of technology. Helicon talks to the creative producer, Emily Bull.

Live review: Benjamin Zephaniah @ St George’s

Caitlin Thomson


Caitlin Thompson looks back on seeing the renowned poet, lyricist, musician and writer, Benjamin Zephaniah, live at St George’s. A notorious nonconformist, Zephaniah delves into the social fabric of 1980s London.

In conversation with Grace Green

Serafina Lee


Eco-anxiety, femininity and the celebration of the everyday...

Festival Picks

Caitlin Thomson; Ed Deacon; Lorena Hall; Kate Bilton; Craig Renwick; Mahalia Curtis-Lundberg

Top festival picks from this summer...

The Best Upcoming Arts Workshops

Serafina Lee


Art workshops are a great way of making sure you have time designated to developing and keeping up your creativity alongside your degree.

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