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Connor Dalby

Run up river, seep into veins and interlace fractured pieces with gold

Shatter my sense of security and tear down those patterns of old

Cut me down the splinter lines and chip my ceramic soul

Never my intention to leave complete, merely to feel whole

Oh fate you tantalising fiend


I bargain back missed opportunities while remorse burns like starlight

Treat my wounds of mangled meaning by this sprinkled hindsight 

Wield reality's hammer crashing through distorted panes of dream

I'll flirt with hollow positives while you caress the opposite in theme 

Oh fate you tantalising fiend


Scorched by your plight into fragments of abandoned hope

Unguarded thoughts blindside sanity in a darkening cope

I diagnose the fault yet walk the line of shame

I raise from rock but the fall still hits the same 

Oh fate you tantalising fiend 


You swell from a crevice of my unwavering mind

Heart strings and puppet wires too tight to unwind 

Love will haemorrhage where you stem the flow in clot

Tears fill the cracked valleys of my heart shaped plot

Oh fate you tantalising fiend


Does it satisfy to roll the die as thane

Or allure the call for revolt to my reign?

Is it more tempting to kick the stool

Or more humourous to name me the fool?

Oh fate you tantalising fiend


I've come to dread the break of day

Sculpt misfortune in an earthen clay 

Hold hostage to my indebted sleep

Weigh me down till I barely weep 

Oh fate you tantalising fiend


I reach for your forbidden fruit

Let fear fester and follow suit

I brandish the rod of a seething sceptic

You preach of those deserved by ethic 

Oh fate you tantalising fiend 


However, we twist together and I oblige to take hold your unrequited hand

Because 'Once' is forever and enough to tip the hourglass stories like sand

I claim your terms and call you now ' Please Be Mine!'

My name now a constant throughout this chaos of time

Oh fate you treasured friend

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