Tradition and Sabotage: Alexander McQueen in poems

By Patrick Benson

My new anthology zine based on the works of Alexander McQueen and the relationship between fashion and poetry. With fashion shows more like theatre than advertisement, McQueen’s work has an accessibility by virtue of not being able to look away. This collection of poems tries to preserve that spirit.

Femininity and Repression in Alexander McQueen’s ‘Banshee’

By Serafina Lee

To me, Alexander McQueen’s 1994 collection ‘Banshee’ encapsulates transgressive femininity, rejecting passivity to embrace a powerful new autonomy. In it, McQueen cements his ingenuity as a radical artist with an impeccable foundation of technical tailoring, consolidating cuts and silhouettes that would later become signatures of the label.

Photographing Bristol's February Style

Serafina Lee, Izzy Thompson and Patrick Benson

As part of an ongoing series, Clothes Society are taking to the streets to capture Bristol’s style. A notoriously vibrant city, creativity is reflected through clothing wherever you look. Whether it’s rave culture, 70s burnt orange or streetwear screen prints, the people of Bristol embody a melange of influences. 

Hannah Green interviews Saint Marmalade, a clothing brand which blends collaboration with local student artists with music events in Bristol...

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