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Freedom in Isolation Journal:

#1 'Eyes Unpeeled'

Ellen Crofton

I think the sun left eyes unpeeled;

It sifted through thoughts that could never quite make it

Blinded by puzzle pieces without edges,

I think I’ll sit and wait for pieces to feel pieces

For dreams to empty dreams, until things become unseen, 

Until I feel the presence of something, nothing then everything.

I wonder if we wake up smiling to the tune of our own dreams 

And never our thoughts,

There are few who wake smiling 

Only actors in films without a cast or a ceiling

To hold their emotion

Ceilings that were never built to cover

Only to build on

And we always build 

As if an extra brick adds purpose to the minute

Of that day

As if we convert our sense or worth to

Imperial measurements

I felt sad cm2 today, and the day before 

And probably tomorrow too

It will become metres soon

Miles soon after

A mile stone

That weighs more 

Then the measurement we give it

I think I’ll empty the sun and its connotations

Until I can learn how to smile when I wake up

And smile when I sleep

I think I’ll employ the moon to help me 

stop building that tower towards the sun

to leave the cement in 

that empty construction site of feeling

with empty measurements 

that measure only my sadness, not my smiles.

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