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By Frances Green

We all know what you think when you hear ‘secret location’ for a night, this translates to overpriced warehouse in the carpark of motion… However after being ushered by a host of drag queens into a gay sauna in a victorian house surrounded by an industrial estate, it became clear Elektrobeast were trying something different this time. After stumbling over the mattresses and lampshades in one room, you’d find yourself downstairs in a dark empty sauna with a cage in it. This bizarre venue gave the night it’s unique feel of both a house party and old school 90s rave.


Whilst the unconventional venue hosted by the leading drag queen, Lagoon created a undeniable spectacle in itself and a queer-friendly space, this wasn’t the only thing that gave Elektrobeast its striking identity as a night. Clearly being unbothered with hyped up DJ names, the DJs seemed to be both residents and guests unconfined by set times creating a loose, unpretentious feel to the night. Each floor had a different vibe of music, ranging from early roots of disco and soul upstairs, with the middle room progressing to more 90s rave/house vibes, and downstairs rooted more modern sweaty techno. Its as if you don’t need to know where it is or who’s playing, you know Elektrobeast is gonna be a good one.

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