eden: Natalie Beddows

I took these images on 35mm black and white film using an Olympus Trip 35. I edited them slightly to give them softer colours using Photoshop and also physically manipulated some of them by staining them with coffee. In the images of the crawling plants I made an etch from the original and printed it onto some of my photographs to create different layers. In the ‘Burning’ image, I took a lighter and burnt holes into the back, and then took parts from the same picture and stuck them to the back.

In these photographs, I want to give an insight into the beauty in everyday life by using simple colours and subjects. I want to portray the decline of domestic life and nature slowly withering away, by combining elements of the natural world and contemporary life. I think there is a sense of irony as Eden represents an unspoiled paradise and in my images I want to present the crumbling of life around us.








Creeping 2

Creeping 2.jpg