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meet the drag rave! 

Giselle Storm Hyam 

"We are a collective of fine art students and are required to raise funds to put on our final show at Spike Island. We wanted to organise an event that relates to our practices and addresses themes which we are passionate about within our day to day lives.

Due to rave culture being so heavily ingrained within Bristol, alongside such a prominent LGBTQ community, which we are all involved in, we noticed these two scenes running parallel to each other and wanted to bridge the gap to make a more inclusive night.

We use the word ‘drag’ in its loosest sense as an indication of what the night will entail and to suggest and challenge the concepts of gender, sexuality and identity. We are interested in Drag as a tool to challenge and parody the construction of gender, breaking down and queering the hetero-normative binary systems that exist within our society."

Tonight the Queens Shilling shall be taken over by drag queens, flute boxers, artists and students alike for a night of raving and drag. We spoke to the organisers to find out what the night is all about, why drag and a handful of the artists involved.... 

holly watson 

"I was exploring sexualisation, objectification and how and why fishnets instantly sexualise bodies (womens in particular) due to the fact they both cover and expose at the same time. What i found really interesting with these pieces was that in reality these 'bodies' are made up of woman-shaped blobs, but as soon as fishnets are added they become fetishised."

Jordan lamming aka Rhea Psycle

Rhea Psycle is her name, her look and performance style could make you consider whether you may have had one mushroom too many...
She's not really sure either but don't worry it will all be over soon so just enjoy the trip. Peace, Love & Disco

marie dutton 

I make films that explore voyeurism and melancholia… juxtapositions between things I feel are both beautiful and ugly at the same time. I find seduction in repulsion, romance in ruin and devastation in desire. I’m currently in my final year at UWE preparing for my final degree show piece, which will hopefully be an installation including three of my films. I’ve always been interested in documenting things that may seem normal, yet there’s something unsettling about it that you can’t quite put your finger on. Film has never been my main area of practice and so it’s still all very new to me but I’m enjoying it and can’t wait to produce more films in the future.

kiki house of lavolta 

The Kiki House of LaVolta is a dance family and performance group striving to embody the ethos of Vogue as an artistic and political expression of strength, freedom and acceptance.  With dedication to this unique and powerful movement form, we support a number of community projects and collaborate with a diverse range of promoters and events platforms in Bristol including: Shambarber, B. Please!, Pride, People Like Us, Love Saves The Day, Prism (LGBT+ addiction support), Terence Higgens Trust, Brigstowe Project.

And many more performances and artists tonight!

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