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Photographing Bristol's February style 

By Serafina Lee, Isabelle Thompson and Patrick Benson 

As part of an ongoing series, Clothes Society are taking to the streets to capture Bristol's style. A notoriously vibrant city, creativity is reflected through clothing wherever you look. Whether it's rave culture, 70s burnt orange or streetwear screen prints, the people of Bristol embody a melange of influences. 

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"My friend said that she had a huge crush on a guy who had a red scarf and I thought, 'yeah, it is kind of sexy', so that's why I'm wearing a red scarf. And this was my brother's coat and I stole it and I got these docs as a gift to myself when I moved to London."

Helen Martin

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“I particularly liked the Rupert coat. I like a bit of check; I like a bit of miss/mash. Everything is charity-shopped and it’s just how it all falls together. My shoes used to be really long so I shortened them because they were ridiculous when I first got them.”

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“This outfit was inspired by a love of soft teddy bear fabrics akin to stuff I used to have as a kid. And I thought I would contrast that with some industrial workman's trousers. “



“I got this jacket like a week ago, just before I went to Italy. Kind of a bit of 1960s New York is what I’m trying to channel at the moment, but not normally at uni. The coat is the only fun thing for now.”


"A boiler suit is just so easy to put on. You just put it on and go- it's so warm too. My inspirations? Warmth and ease."



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"I’m wearing an old French workwear shirt and this is a T-shirt I printed myself with just a red jumper. These are Obey trousers and some Suicoke shoes."


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“I tend to sort of dress with a mixture of formal and casual for uni, especially so I don’t look too casual for lectures but also I don’t want to look like I go to the office. I mean I’m a bit of an ASOS bitch. Pretty much everything I am wearing is from ASOS.” 


“I’m wearing everything I found in Bristol op shops, which is super exciting and a part of my tourist trip to Bristol. And I guess I’m going for the Bridgette Bardot 70s style. This is actually my boyfriend’s coat.”

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Photography by Serafina Lee

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