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Dj Interview: skeleton king

Caitlin Thomson


How would you describe your music?

I mainly play house and garage but I’ll play anything if I like it. I tend to choose deeper tracks with some groove and melody.


What is your earliest music memory?

That’s a tough one. I remember learning the recorder in primary school but I don’t think that was particularly formative. Maybe remember memorising all the words to The Monkees greatest hits CD on long family car journeys.


How did you first get into DJ-ing?

My brother brought a controller home from uni one christmas, I had a go on it and just loved it. 

What is the most memorable set you’ve played?

I’ve DJ’d at pres and parties before but playing at the Love Inn will be my first set in a venue. I’ve also done quite a few sets on Noods Radio for my show 'Lo-Fi or Die' which are always good fun. I’m sure playing at the Helicon x Calm & Collective event will be the most memorable though!


Whose music do you love right now?

I haven’t been listening to that much of any one person at the moment, so I’ll just list off some people I’ve been listening to recently. Leon Vynehall, Nine8, Kinka, Elliot Smith, Peer Du, The Beatles (always), Autechre are all people I love at the moment.


Best night you’ve been to?

Last year two highlights for me were seeing Move D and Avalon Emerson at Lakota, they were both incredible. I also went to Tresor which was amazing.


What can we expect from your set at the Love Inn?

A similar vibe to my competition mix, danceable tunes and nothing too heavy, but a good mix of styles of music.




Dream show or venue to play?

My favourite venue is Lakota so playing the main room there would be awesome. Of course, it’s obligatory to say Berghain but that’s not the most realistic answer. 


Advice for other aspiring DJs?

Just love the music you play, I don’t know how useful that is but that’s what makes it so fun.


Your favourite DJ?

I wouldn’t really say I have a favourite but out of the DJs I’ve seen, Avalon Emerson and Move D. Tama Sumo is also excellent, Red Rack’em plays some great tunes and Harrison BDP is a fantastic producer and DJ.

Favourite part and least favourite part about   DJ-ing?

My least favourite part is definitely organising and tagging my tracks. I’d say my favourite is hunting for new tunes and discovering new music, there’s nothing better than that.


Photographer: Jess Blackwell

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