Dj interview: shim


What's been happening since Helicon last spoke to you?


I’ve started working at 1020 Radio which I’m really enjoying. It’s a great environment to chat to people about music they enjoy and pick up lots of recommendations, particularly for genres I don’t know as well or that I would like to listen to more.


Whose music do you love right now?


Glows. He brought out J.L. HOOKER LOVE PLEASURE FOREVER, a new EP towards the end of last year. I really like the style of his music. He blends electronic and live instruments really well with his production, resulting in atmospheric or snappier tracks. Definitely worth a listen.


What can we expect from your set at the Love Inn?


I’m looking forward to having the time to have some breadth musically and playing late gives the opportunity to play some heavier stuff, so I’ll see how it goes.


Your favourite DJ?


Hard to say as there are so many, but a couple of the most memorable sets I can think of were by Eris Drew and Theo Parrish. 


Favourite part and least favourite part about DJing?


Alongside it bringing a second reason to listen and look for music I enjoy, it has made me appreciate and understand music production more. I’d like to learn to produce at some point, but I have a lot to learn on that front.


Organising music can be a real pain. Trying to categorise music by genre is impossible when more often than not there’s multiple styles at play, if you’ll excuse the pun.


Dream show or venue to play?


I’d love to play at 'Simple Things' Festival one year. The lineup is consistently great and they open all the rooms within Lakota and Coroner’s Court so the scale of it is pretty epic.


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