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Caitlin Thomson


Photographer: Thomas Lloyd, @lloydy._

How would you describe your music?


Hard to say really, normally I prefer tracks with a high energy and a unique sound. Really anything that’s easy to dance to I’m a fan of. 


What is your earliest music memory?


I remember bits and pieces of old music from when I was younger but the first dance music I remember listening to was artists like Skrillex and Flume. This served as a gateway for me to binge pretty much every genre of dance music at some point in my life.  


How did you first get into DJ-ing?


I got the Djay app on my phone a couple of years ago and had a lot of fun playing around with different tracks on there. A couple of months later I got my first controller, the Numark platinum pro, and Djay 2 on my computer and started using them pretty much every day.


What is the most memorable set you’ve played?


I’m still fairly new to the scene but my favourite night I’ve played so far was at Blue Mountain. I played between 2- 3am in room 2 on a busy night and the energy was great for the whole hour. 


Whose music do you love right now?


My favorite producer at the moment is probably KETTAMA. He’s had releases on some of my favourite labels like Shall Not Fade and Dance Trax; it’s rare for me to play a set without one of his tracks and I’m constantly playing his song raw cuts.


Best night you’ve been to?


Not sure if it counts but on the Friday of Boomtown, I was lucky enough to see Ben UFO B2B Joy Orbison followed by Mall Grab and then Mella Dee which was absolutely ridiculous. Mella Dee even played Donny’s groove near the end of his set which is one of my favourite tracks.


Your favourite DJ?


Special Request is definitely a favourite at the moment. The man is a wizard, mastering nearly every genre imaginable at this point. His set for DJ Mag a couple months ago was definitely one of the best from 2019.


Favourite part and least favourite part about DJ-ing?


The best part is playing a track to a crowd that they’ve never heard before and seeing everyone love it. The worst part is when no one is dancing. 


Dream show or venue to play?


Probably Boomtown, the place is absolutely ridiculous and they have so many amazing and unique DJs.

What can we expect from your set at the Love Inn?


A whole range of sounds from house to techno to breakbeat. 


Advice for other aspiring DJs?


Just listen to a whole range of music to try and find a sound unique to you.

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