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By Hannah Green

Touch is luminous
And I expand within myself, pink and
So sweet,
Unfurling from the delicate green of closed wanting -
Deflowering is less of that
And more of an earthly blossoming, a woman
come to bloom over months whilst the moon
swelled and shrank the tides of my desire,
Whilst something ancient stirred beneath the fallowed earth
And deer birthed beneath budding trees -
Less of the taking of something,
And more of the giving,
Of a thing shared, of the balance
Whilst the blackthorn flowers and the hawthorn shows its green
Whilst you show me parts of yourself as yet unseen
As the milky lime leaves
Grow stronger on the stem -
Two heads bowed with the soft grace of cowslips,
Your hand carves a river’s run, smooths downwards and
There is no split second between the not-knowing and the understanding
No lightning flash no peal of strange and biblical thunder, rather:
It grows like the song of the skylark as she
Falls to kiss the lovely and loving earth,
The sweet dirt and chalk
And the blasted, blessed heather heath -
And as the sun grows,
So do we
And as the tides swirl in and out and the dreaming moon
Traces her familiar course
We grow and we grow,
As the just-showing green
Shall come to bear fruit.

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