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Warning - explicit underwear

Hattie Bottom


Sexy, hilarious and well worth a fiver.
Hand crafted by students Lallie Georgiades Doyle and Abbie Martin.



The brand started mainly as a joke in the library to distract ourselves from revision. We came up with stupid slogans we wanted to put on underwear for our friends. Then after many dirty slogans sent via text this christmas, we decided to sell them. At first we started only through Instagram, inspired by brands such as The Design Studio or Itchy Scratchy Patches, and now we have a site you can order them from.


Instagram is definitely the most progressive forms of social media, in terms of fashion. Inspiration came from the new wave of female creatives such as Petra Collins, who so beautifully dissects the experience of teenagers and young women. We would love to see the knickers on models such as Barbie Knox or Olympia Campbell, who promote a great attitude towards women in the 21st Century. They align with the message we are trying to send; empowering women to take control of their bodies and sexuality, through humour, whilst promoting a reinvention of the hand craft.


If the knickers were to appear in a film, which?

I guess the plain simple cotton knickers engenders a sort of dark innocence attached to Coppola films like Sophia’s Virgin Suicidesor Gia’s Palo Alto. But they are less serious than that – I’d like to see Bianca and Cat from 10 Things I Hate About You in them. Maybe Heath Ledger also.


Which are your favourite slogans?

The one that has gone down the best is ‘Anal is for Assholes’ – I guess its the most shocking. But I like ‘Must be this tall to ride’, but maybe thats because I have a thing for tall men.


What bras would you recommend to pair up with the knickers?

I always pictured them with a 90s american cult-film edge, like Natalie Portman in Leon. We’re experimenting with embroidering children’s thermal vests or simple white cotton bras. &otherstories and COS do some great soft triangle bras. I think lingerie is going back to basics for sure.


Sum up the message of the brand....

No ball games allowed.

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