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Barry White

The blood stain on my suit and tie,
The rooftops where we used to lie,
The rooftops where I used to cry,
I didn’t see what was coming.

Broken glass still scatters my floor,
We can’t unsee the love we saw,
I can’t unsee you walk out that door,
I couldn’t have seen what was coming.

They say hearts broken cannot mend,
My insides are dead – when will this end?
My insides can’t breathe – why can’t it end?
I wish I could have seen what was coming.

And all this time I can only dream
Of you and I, us, the team,
Of you and I, please don’t, don’t scream,
I never could have predicted what was coming.

I know it was irrational,
I know it wasn’t fair,
But I built my life for you,
You didn’t even care,
Revenge is never rational,
Revenge is never fair,
You didn’t see what was coming,
My rooftop,
Your blood,

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