Cosmos Playlists

A collection of our cosmos-themed playlists, along with descriptions from their creators: Suzie Beckley's 'strange noises', Ellie Fernyhough's 'hallways to other worlds' and Kai Daniel Malloy's 'космос'.  

A Conversation with Lola Young

Caitlin Thomson

Helicon catches up with award-winning singer-songwriter, Lola Young, hailing from South London. Her debut Intro is a nuanced, atmospheric allegory about love and growth. Her latest release ‘Pick Me Up’ is languidly jazzy, a single from upcoming EP Renaissance. Music Editor Caitlin Thomson caught up with Young to discuss creative process, success in the industry, and artistic influence.


Caitlin Thomson

Caitlin Thomson reviews King Krule's Man Alive! launch gig in Bristol, presented by Rough Trade. Characterised by Krule's bassy moan or violent howl, this moody, turbulent performance of affection, fear, abandonment and fury well sated his aesthetically fatalist fans.

Oslo Twins: An Interview

Caitlin Thomson

Caitlin Thomson interviews Oslo Twins, a gorgeous dream-pop band that claim influences of Portishead and Beach House, looking forward to their live set with Helicon at our EDEN launch.

LIVE REVIEW: black midi

Eve Rosenberg

Eve Rosenberg reviews black midi's sold out gig at The Marble Factory. A chaotic and immersive gig in which the band journeyed down a wild, extended path of improvisation. 


Caitlin Thomson

Our music editor interviews Shim, aka Ed Deacon, who came in first place in our DJ mix competition, in anticipation of his set at the Love Inn in January. 

DJ INTERVIEW: Skeleton King

Caitlin Thomson

Our music editor interviews Skeleton King, aka Daniel Brashaw, who came in second place in our DJ mix competition, in anticipation of his set at the Love Inn in January. 


Caitlin Thomson

Our music editor interviews Kai, who came in third place in our DJ mix competition, in anticipation of his set at the Love Inn in January. 

LIVE REVIEW: Sampa The Great

Annabelle Lily

The band entered to huge cheers: three singers; the drummer; and SilentJay. A key member, he manages everything from percussion, to sax, to production for Sampa The Great. It was a humble assembly. They began with jazzy, choral intros whilst the crowd eagerly awaited Sampa's entrance. 

LIVE REVIEW: Simple Things Festival

Cecilia Hviding

Curated by a selection of its leading promoters, the festival has become a beacon for innovation and risk-taking by giving a platform to some of the underground's leading names and those it believes are worthy of your ears...

PREVIEW: Kissing Futures @ The Old England

Caitlin Thomson

A preview of the multi-faceted artist Livia Rita’s avant-garde eco-feminism in anticipation of the Kissing Futures night.


Caitlin Thomson

The 9-piece collective hopped onstage, tuning and testing their respective instruments just after 10.30pm, in front of gaudy red curtains...

Live Review: Jordan Rakei

George Smith

On a cold, slightly drizzly Tuesday evening in Bristol, Jordan Rakei provided an intimate evening of soul and jazz in celebration of his third album Origins, through the warmth of ethereal harmonies and poetic lyrics.

LIVE REVIEW: The Murder Capital

Sean Turnland

Sean Turnland reviews The Murder Capital’s bristol gig, waxing poetical on this post-punk band’s dichotomy of masculinity and vulnerability.


Serafina Lee

Serafina Lee reviews Swim Deep’s Bristol gig, reminiscing about her younger self’s love for the cult-favourite indie band.

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