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By Rebecca Watkins

chubby white's vriety night - virtual reality that made us h3h3h3 :  

Still repeating a joke to each other from Chubby White’s VRiety night, almost a month afterwards required a belated but very necessary review of this painfully funny comedy night. I can’t think of a better way to spend my Saturday night, in a lamp-lit speakeasy vibe of a bar surrounded by some very fine specimens of Bristol about to sit back and laugh consistently for two hours. Gorgeous, cultured and very obviously great humoured twenty-somethings return to their staple night of the month as 5 graduates from Bristol University unfold their themed comedy event in the intimate setting of Bristol’s Improv theatre. 


Their 13th show was a skit on virtual reality with a live DJ and the addition of pre-recorded voice-overs, which all contributed to the professionalism and distinctiveness of Chubby White shows. The booked comedians were introduced in stages throughout the show as ‘bonus players’ featuring the likes of Mat Ewins, Frank Foucault and Morgan Rees, the latter who won second runner up of the ‘so you think you’re funny’ award at the Edinburgh Fringe this year. These comics were curated and spaced perfectly throughout the night, with time in between of the raucous story line of Chubby White. 


Chubby White (George) did not always hold up a straight face, a smile cracking beneath the surface towards the end, as the sketch was too funny even for the rehearsed actors. This at first seemed a little amateur, however, as the scene continued it in fact broke down the pretence of the stand-up barrier between the audience and comedian. The actors joined the laughter of the audience and since we had been belly laughing from the start it was fantastic to share this with the actors who had produced the whole event. 


When the interval arrived everyone was simply beaming at each other. While simply describing laughter in a review is probably somewhat cheesy, I could never describe the jokes, as I would not do them justice. It has to be emphasised that the laughter was truly infectious. Not only were we cracking up at the actors but at the uncontrolled sniggers of the audience, unadulterated and hysterical. 


This was my first experience of a Chubby White Night and I won’t be missing one again. Their next event will be on the 11th November and you would be down right silly to miss out. 



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