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Chaotic love

Connor Dalby

Oh love, your chaos it sets me free

Cuts my noose from an old family tree

Burns tradition cut deep through rotting bark

Ignites amber whispering in consuming dark


Oh the babel of you, it all feels too much

You send me spiralling with one simple touch

I present myself bare, do what you please

Raise me up or bring me down to your knees


Oh my lovely, what have you done to me

Possess my mood and taint what I see

My mind a bedlam from your first kiss

Turn cool temperament to turbulent bliss


Oh my one, how you make doubts profane

Shatter my composure and shake my domain

Conjure this order to wreak havoc in chess

Keep me feeble in search with each bewildering guess


Love is chaotic, an internal disorder reminiscent of the naïve

It moves you to do, become things you would never conceive

But just as you cannot steer the most wonderful dreams

So too must you embrace the chaos as gold in Waverly streams

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