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CHAOS: The Everyday

A series of mixed-media collages by Jess Hawley.  


CHAOS: Confinement

An oil painting by Katie Evans 

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Painting CHAOS

By Raena Shah 

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CHAOS: Naughty Nobles

CHAOS: Naughty Nobles is a series of illustrations by Paris-based artist 'Fuschia' which explores the concepts of power and authority in a light-hearted and comical style.   


At Home

CHAOS: At Home is a series of illustrations by Serafina Lee. Based on photos by Maya Fuhr, Serafina explores the way that feelings of chaos and disorder present themselves in the personal sphere. 

Fluid Perception: Ann Veronica Janssens

By Serafina Lee

Multidisciplinary artist Ann Veronica Janssens is another example of our gravitation towards sensory and experiential art. Janssens requires her work to be viscerally felt as subjective perception is the focal point of her vision. 

I Am Carbon

Amelia Elson

A collaged piece inspired by the theme COSMOS " I am carbon, I am stardust, cut me open and I will bleed golden"

Josephine Hopper: The Woman Behind the Oil

Lydia Aldridge

‘Posed, captured, framed’, an eloquent exploration of the claustrophobic condition enforced over Jo, Edward Hopper’s wife. An insight into the loneliness felt by Josephine, moulded into an isolated figure and regularly used as a muse by Hopper.

The Kinetics of a Cecily Brown Painting

By Serafina Lee

The painter Cecily Brown works somewhere in between the abstract and the figurative as she dislodges the body from any type of identifiable setting.

Insect Isles


 A collection of illustrations created at Helicon's 'Insect Isles' workshop.

Stoneware Bodies

Ellie Lerman

A first experience in ceramics exploring the tactile fragility of five dancing stoneware figures. 


Edie McWhinnie


When thinking of Eden, the first thing that I thought of was a sense of calm and ease, something that I think a lot of people wish to obtain but can be hard to achieve in our fast-paced world...


Jemma Jacobs


Ultimately, this painting organically grew from an initial push of appreciation for the female form (triggered by Farhi’s sculptures) as an Eden within itself...

Contemporary catholicism and iconography in Ana Maria Pacheco

Ellie Lerman


Pacheco’s figurations of the human face teeter between flesh-pricklingly realistic and vaguely cartoonish, creating an off-putting atmosphere, as if something is slightly missing beneath the sculptures’ expressive faces...

Looking at Andrzey Sawa's 'Apartheid Sign' and Ernest Cole's 'Doornfontein Railway station at rush hour', Steph Garratt examines the influence of photographic visual culture during the South African Apartheid...


Pondering on the theme of incomplete works of art, Ellie Lerman explores African-American artist, Palmer Hayden who painted during the Harlem Renaissance...

Unfinished - Part 1

Mahalia Curtis-Lundberg

‘A profound insight into the creative process’ - A Visual Journey Revealing the Invisible is the first in a three-part essay series exploring unfinished and incomplete works of art...

Life drawing: Ellie Lerman



A collection of drawings by Ellie Lerman, from our weekly life drawing sessions at the Arts House...

Emily Bax


Stretching over four countries, the plateau is largely situated in south-west Bolivia...

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