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A passing meteor

Holly Loach

Propelling contours, turning limbs of moon        

I am 

un glimpsed, un seen, un known

He arrives

In vading, In fusing, In habiting 

Familiar faces, knowing limbs of own

Are departing  


Amber ovums, lunar limbs of day

Smile, politely

An opal bruise, the coffee is brewed


Yet here, heliacal eyes rise

From the east, celeste limbs of time 

Are parting


Mutating spheres, eclipsed limbs of dusk    

I promise 

Your wet lashes will polish the stars


And remember what is yours

Lost sobs of lone fragility, feral limbs of his

Are parting


Evolved musings, living limbs of mine 

How dare

The moon orbit the curve of his face

I exhale 

The stars dance in yours

Old orbs, plugged silver satellites  

Have passed.

A Passing Meteor.jpg
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